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The Oceana Maritime Academy realises Oceana’s role as a significant contributor to the growth of the fishing sector by addressing the scarcity of critical skills within the industry.


It allows Oceana to develop and deliver industry-relevant, integrated and accredited training, providing a career path for all learners, at all levels.


And it secures a bright and ambitious pipeline of talent for generations for South Africa’s fishing industry.

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The Oceana Maritime Academy is committed to safeguarding the oceans through sharing critical knowledge and upskilling all people for job opportunities and advancement in the industry. We are dedicated to uplifting communities, partnering with stakeholders, promoting an inclusive culture of excellence, and embracing global best practice.

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At Oceana we owe our success to the mighty oceans, and those bold souls who make the open waters their place of work. Supported by a dedicated value chain, we positively impact lives. The Academy is committed to sustaining our marine ecosystems, supporting the fishing fraternity, uplifting communities, and helping all people reach their potential through ongoing training, learning and development.

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Imraan Soomra - CEO Oceana Group

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The Oceana Maritime Academy is the realisation of a long-held ambition to grow the South African fishing industry by addressing the skills gap and shortage. It aims to create an environment that promotes inclusion and life-long learning. I am particularly excited by this initiative, which I believe will make a significant contribution in driving transformation, unlocking economic growth, promoting food and job security and delivering on our purpose.